السبت، 17 يونيو، 2017

Twitter - Comprehensive changes are occurring at the level of their main interface

The social networking site Twitter suffers from fierce competition from the other social networking sites, especially Facebook, and although Twitter has been until recently not willing to make radical changes on its site, limited to limited improvements and trying to maintain "Thawabtha", including the emphasis in the principle of 140 characters per Tweet.

But the competition requires Twitter to develop itself and make noticeable changes to its position, which the company finally understood as it began to employ a new update to its main front focusing on the aesthetic and graphic aspect, joining the competing sites such as Facebook, Instagram and others.
Twitter began yesterday (June 15th) to employ a new update to its main interface, and this update is still spreading among all users, whether it is the users of the Android platform or the iOS platform, and the changes mainly concern a number of the main icons in the site, Became a circular shape and then changed the reply icon from arrow to bubble, in addition to changing the style of writing addresses.

Samsung Unveils Its New Phone Galaxy G7 Max And G7 Pro

Samsung officially unveiled its new smartphone, the Galaxy J7 Max and the Galaxy J7 Pro, so the two new phones join the Galaxy J models.
According to the South Korean company, the new phones will come with a number of technical specifications. In the case of the Galaxy G7, this phone will come with a full HD 5.7-inch screen plus the MediaTeK Helio P20 processor supported by 4 gigabytes capacity for random access memory and 64 gigabytes capacity for internal storage with the possibility of adding MicroSD chip.

The Galaxy G7Max will also come with a 3300mAh battery, two cameras on the front end with 13 megapixel and the second on the front end with 13 megapixels, while the phone will run Android 7.0, and will be available for 280 USD.
The Galaxy G7 Pro will come with a 5.5-inch Full HD display with the Exynos 7870 processor, supported by 3 gigabytes (GB) of RAM and 64 gigabytes (GB) of internal storage with the possibility of adding a MicroSD chip.

The Galaxy G7 Pro will also come with a 3600mAh battery and two cameras, the first in the 13 megapixel front end and the second in the 13 megapixel front end. The phone will run Android 7.0 and will be available for $ 330.

Microsoft unveils new version of Windows 10 Chinese government

Everyone knows that China is very strict on the issue of censorship, and that is why it becomes alarmed when it comes to adapting and using foreign technologies.

China has banned the Microsoft Windows operating system on government computers in 2014 under its concerns about security and US surveillance. Even after that, China was developing its own version of the Windows operating system.

To address this issue and target the world's largest market, Microsoft chief executive for Greater China said last year that the company was working on the Chinese version of Windows 10 which included "more administrative and security controls" and some useless features were deleted.

Now, Microsoft has just announced a new version of Windows 10, which is now ready to use by Chinese government agencies. In the Microsoft event held in Shanghai on Wednesday, where the latter announced a version of Windows 10 designed specifically for the Chinese government, the operating system is based on Windows 10 Enterprise Edition (Windows 10 Entreprise Edition).
· Designed to work with Chinese encryption algorithms:
Microsoft enables the Chinese government to use its own encrypted algorithms in the Chinese government's Windows 10 version to secure and provide maximum protection for its data.

· Allows removal of unwanted applications:
The Chinese version of Windows 10 does not allow Chinese government employees access to features they do not need, such as Microsoft OneDrive, which allows people to store their documents and files in Microsoft-controlled data centers.

Apparently, Chinese officials do not want anyone to access their own data, so they will keep the latter locked on their computers in an attempt to take full control of them.

Facebook harnesses its efforts in artificial intelligence to fight terrorism!

After facing criticism from European Union leaders and following a series of terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, Facebook announced late on Wednesday that it will lay its groundwork for fighting terrorist content on its social networking platform based on artificial intelligence.

The director of global management policy in this regard:
 We agree with those who say that social media should not be a place where terrorists have a voice and we want to be very clear about how serious we are. Keeping our communities safe is critical to Facebook and one of our top priorities.

Facebook uses most of the latest technologies in artificial intelligence to combat terrorist content in particular. These techniques include matching images using rumor and terrorist information that have been previously removed to identify and block the same images or videos from being downloaded to Facebook again.

Facebook also tries to understand language and analyze pro-terrorism texts removed from sites. This analysis is part of its algorithm, which is in the early stages of learning how to detect similar publications.

In addition to using artificial intelligence, Facebook has also noticed how hiring specialists and working with government and industry partners can contribute significantly to fighting this terrorist content. The company is also expanding its social operations team to 3,000 people worldwide to monitor content and employs more than 150 counterterrorism specialists, including academic counterterrorism experts, former prosecutors, former law enforcement officers, analysts and engineers.

Telegraph's executive director accuses US authorities of trying to bribe him to facilitate access to his application

It is known that the application of chat and instant messaging "Telegram" is one of the most similar applications security and electronic protection, and this particular feature does not win the satisfaction of security authorities across the world, led by the United States of America, whose security authorities have a black record, violating the privacy of users and their private lives.

The CEO of Telegraph, Pavel Durov, noted in a tweet on his Twitter account on Twitter on June 11 that US security authorities had tried to influence him and his team to facilitate access to the Telegram application.

"During one of our weekly meetings last year, there were two attempts to bribe our developers by US security agencies, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation put pressure on me," Pavel Duroff said on his Twitter account. "The US authorities do not seem to like the fact that Telegram's adoption of encryption technology From party to party in addition to not storing their user data on their servers.

Zeta era Bytes: How many bytes per zeta bytes, how will it affect us?

Since its emergence, it has been developing very fast and very fast. Traffic or so-called Travik increases alarmingly every day, thanks to an increase in the number of users and devices connected to the network. Each video, e-mail, image or voice is responsible for increasing traffic; according to Cisco, the network traffic will reach 3.3 zeitbee per year in 2021. But what is ZetaBit?
In 1981 Bill Gates said no one would need more than 640 kilobytes of memory on his own computer. Over the years it has become clear that this statement is not wrong, but it is still a sign and acknowledgment that no one has any idea what will happen in the computer market and the Internet world. Today we are surrounded by digital empires that seem indestructible. They gain more users, more devices, and more services. All this translates into data, which in turn must be transferred, processed and stored.
This huge amount of data has made companies accelerate the development of the storage battery, which is now measured by new platforms that are no longer limited to gigabytes or even terabytes, but new storage properties have emerged, including Zeta bytes, and in the picture below you will see the size of this capacity compared to other speeds.
Cisco published a series of expectations very interesting. In 2021 it is estimated that there will be more than 27.1 billion calls from more than 4.6 billion users around the world. The volume of traffic will reach 3.3 zeitabit per year, which leads us to the question: What is Zeta Byte?
 Zeta Bytes is a unit of measurement for the storage capacity of a computer memory and is marked with a "ZB" and is a two-digit Betabyte or Skelion (number 1 and on his right is 21 zero) bytes or as many prefer, 10 ^ 21.

To make it easy for you to imagine the size of this unit, storing 1 zeta would require about 83 million hard drives with a capacity of 12 terabytes. And 1 Zeta Bytes you can store a high-quality video of about 36 million years.

Google is hiring an engineer from Apple to make new chips for Pixels!

Google has hired an Indian engineer, Manu Gulati, who has been working for Apple for 8 years, playing a key role in the manufacture and development of chips for the next generation. According to reports, Gulati was head of Apple's chip development team and is now a Google employee.

Gulati also announced his new job by updating his own account on LinkedIn, where his account shows that he has worked for 15 years for AMD and Broadcom chip makers, giving him a total of 27 years of experience in this field.

One of Gulati's patents has been to define hardware protection for Apple Pay, which securely stores the user's fingerprint on the iPhone. According to the report, Google is also looking to hire other experts to tightly control the future of hardware devices that will help define the architecture of future generations of handsets and electronic panels.

الخميس، 15 يونيو، 2017

Facebook Duplicates Twitter New feature not noticed by users!

Facebook has recently adopted a new feature on the possibility of using colorful backgrounds that give users a new experience, which many have noticed. But Facebook, in the midst of this new experience, has copied another feature from its rival, Topter.

Facebook is known to have long copied advantages from its competitors and incorporated them into its main application or other applications. At the top of the competitors who received part of Facebook's practices is Snape Chat, which previously rejected the offer of Facebook acquisition, but Twitter was not far from this issue.

It seems that many users did not notice that the limit on the postings on the new colored backgrounds on Facebook does not exceed 130 characters, the same principle principle applied by Twitter since its inception, where do not allow the adoption of Twitters of more than 140 characters, and therefore the copying of this feature is fixed On Vesbok.

Report: This is the launch date of the Galaxy Note 8

South Korea is preparing to launch its Galaxy Note 8, which is attracting much attention from experts and followers, especially after the problem of the explosion and burning of the Galaxy Note 7 last year, which seems to prompt Samsona to launch his new phone earlier than expected.

Many reports earlier indicated that Samsung would accelerate the launch of its new Galaxy 8 phone to overtake the previous version of its mobile phone, but a more recent report from South Korea's press sources came to give credibility to the news that has been popular for some time.

According to the South Korean newspaper The Bell, Samsung will not wait for the IFA 2017 Global Technology Fair, which is held every year in Berlin, Germany, which is an opportunity for companies in the digital world to present their latest innovations that they would like to promote in the final months of the year. Mid-August, which is the peak of the summer season.

Tim Cook reveals Apple's ambition in the field of smart cars

In the recent period, many press reports were linked between Apple and the field of smart cars, which prompted Tim Cook, CEO of the American company to come out for the first time and clarify the position of the company on this subject and the company's ambitions in this regard.

Many of the global technology companies have shown interest in the field of smart cars, led by Google, where many of these institutions have partnerships with the car industry to develop new models of smart cars, and after Apple has been linked to turn this new technological field came out CEO Tim Cook For the first time to clarify the position of the company.

On June 5, Tim Cook gave a statement to Bloomberg that Apple was more concerned with the development and innovation of self-driving smart car systems than with the automotive industry, which meant that the company wanted to focus on the programmatic level of this technology Modern and not manufacturing, but did not close the door completely in this regard when he said, "we will see where it will lead us."

Apple has already obtained a license from the California authorities to test self-driving cars on the streets of the state.

A simple way to extract your own photos and data from a broken screen smartphone, you may not think of it!

Phones are now not only limited to making calls, receiving short messages and so on. However, some smartphones are becoming more widely used. We take pictures at all times and store all our accounts. .
This is why you may not be able to use the phone, even if it works. The reason is to change the screen in order to retrieve the touch property. But what if you want to extract your photos and information into your device before you go to a technician or phone repairman?

In this case, a simple and easy solution that you might not have thought of or did not know about this feature in your phone is the use of a special link called USB OTG.This cable is found in the markets and shops selling phone accessories.
This cable can add a USB port to your smartphone so that you can switch the port of the charger cable input into the USB port to add any purpose that expands the usual smartphone use.
In this case we will use this cable to connect the computer mouse to the phone so that we can browse the phone normally. This way you can activate Wi - Fi or Bluetooth and other means of sending files, in order to extract all data and images from your phone even if you can not use its screen.

Facebook teaches artificial intelligence robots the way to bargain and negotiate like humans

Researchers from Facebook, a specialist in artificial intelligence, published a paper showing how their robots can integrate into conversation and take a bargaining and bargaining strategy.

Facebook's main goal is to create and create conversation robots that are capable of rational thinking, dialogue and bargaining. Their personal assistant can compete with his Google, Google, Google, ....

In an article, Facebook pointed out that its robots are capable of holding short conversations and simple tasks, but the challenge is to carry on meaningful talks where the robot must integrate all its information in order to understand the latter.
Facebook, which has made its codes open-source, looks forward to scientific research leading to the best bargaining and make smart concessions.

Report: US National Security Agency holds North Korea responsible for WannaCry attacks

It has become increasingly clear that North Korea was behind the WannaCry ransom attack that hit hundreds of thousands of computers last month and shut down many hospitals, businesses and other systems.

A report issued by The Washington Post confirms that the US National Security Agency believes and believes with great confidence that this ransom program was launched by hackers funded and supported by the North Korean spy agency, where a group of researchers in information security, some of whom To major security companies such as Symantec, to note similarities in WannaCry codes and other malware that led to North Korea after tracking them.

According to the report, the US National Security Agency (NSA) tracked the program, ending with access to IPI addresses belonging to the North Korean spy agency. In addition, this information is a strong case against North Korea, which is behind the attack. The report states that a state-backed team called the "Lazarus Group" appears responsible.
There is also one of the bizarre aspects of this issue, which is the North's use of the program to raise funds. According to the report, conversion through the Betquin seems to be easy to track, making money extraction difficult.

The WannaCry ransom program was developed using leaked codes from the US National Security Agency, which does not confirm North Korea's attack.

Qualcomm company gives up Samsung in the industry processed by the new Snap Dragon

Qualcomm is preparing to take down Samsung for its new processors, following the failure of talks between the two companies, which began last April with regard to the manufacture of the new processor Snape Dragon 845, although Samsung is currently manufacturing the processor Qualcomm Snape Der Gun 835 very upscale, There is talk of Qualcomm's willingness to rely on TSMC for its new 7-nanometer processor.
Samsung will be the largest beneficiary of Qualcomm's new processors on its new Galaxy phones, but this time the processors will not be manufactured at Samsung's factories, but on the other side there will be significant material losses for Samsung, especially if we know that Qualcomm is Apple's preferred factory, Reports that it controls 40% of semiconductor sales.
If confirmed, Samsung will continue to manufacture the new generation of Exynos processors, which will be a 7 nanometer technology, and is expected to be adopted on the Galaxy S9 phone, which will be launched in 2018.

Great new updates to Google Keyboard application Gboard will love it and quickly download it

   Google has introduced a new update to the application of its keyboard Gboard came with a wide range of features that rely mainly on the artificial intelligence of the company, where the application offers updates search for emoticons drawing on the keyboard, where the keyboard will review a set of emoticons that believe that similar With the drawing you drew on the screen.
The update also added the ability to suggest words and complete sentences to users while writing what saves time, and also enables in-app search to find GIF images and other things. You can also directly search for information via the keyboard.
A bunch of other updates in the application have been launched, and these updates are currently available only to English users in writing, and Google said it will also launch in the coming days for more than 200 other languages, including Arabic.
Currently this update is available for all Android users, and will also be available to iPhone phones soon, and to download the application go to the following link: Gboard

The suicide of a young man from Belgium for publishing nude photos of him on the application of Snape Chat

A 15-year-old man committed suicide yesterday morning in eastern Flinders, Belgium, after being hit by a train.
  The reason behind the suicide of this young man is to publish a picture of him naked by the application of Snape Chat,
  The boy discovered at about 9:50 pm a picture of him naked through a group on Snape Chat, and after watching his picture on the snape chat, a shame rushed to a train train and threw himself urging the train, which led to his death at the time.
After the news of his suicide spread, the rescuers rushed to look for the place to save the young man, but did not arrive until it was too late.
It is not yet clear who stands behind the group that was created on Snape Chat or from then posting his picture naked.
After officially announcing the suicide of the young man, the group disappeared from Snape Chat.
As the police began searching for those behind the suicide, they found no evidence or facts about it.
There are those who claim to be behind this suicide, but police and investigators have denied the news, and the investigation is under way to find out who is behind the incident and the real reasons for it.

Try this amazing application for Android and iPhone that changes your face to animal faces and speak the same words and movement you do

We already knew in one of FaceRig's blog posts, and you've known it to be one of the most amazing computer programs that makes you turn your face to the faces of a group of animals or any character and whatever shape of the game you want in real time. You do it with your friends if you do not want to appear in the camera, so this program makes you get any character you want and when you speak the lips are also moving and eyes of this character as if your friend talking to her.
The developer of the program has also released a copy of Android and iPhone, where you can change the face when you speak in real time to a group of animals, and also add to your face a variety of shapes appear and move with your face at the same time talk.
After you download it from the link below the post and open it, you will select a variety of shapes for the icons and faces below. The application will then add points to your profile when you speak, and so when you speak or do any movement in real time the other side you chose
تطبيق خيالي بصراحة أدعكم تتعرفون عليه وتقومون بتجربته على هاتفكم الأندرويد والأيفون عبر تحميله من الرابطين التاليين  :

A study shows that the most cause of racism and violence in Facebook is just boredom

According to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, the cause of racism, sexual and religious discrimination, all forms of discrimination, bias or hate speech is boredom.
According to Wainand AB. Van Tilburg:
"Boredom puts people on the brink: it makes them pursue challenging, exciting, and sensational deals."
To summarize the search: In order to get a reasonable life, you need to have a purpose feeling. If you do not achieve anything intrinsic, you may feel that people are indifferent and uninterested in you, leading to boredom. Once boredom begins to penetrate you, your mind will tell you to re-establish a sense of meaning.
You may go for a walk to empty your head of problems, talk to a friend, or go out to see a movie, or even use social media.
With the current political climate in which more than half of Americans feel pressure, it is clear that most people who are bored complain (at the very least) of current events on the Internet.
But how boring does boredom play?
Although we do not know for sure, the same research states that the adoption of extreme political ideology is a common means. The reason for this is that when you are bored, there is an innate need to belong with your "own tribe" and to separate against those you consider strangers. In the worst case scenario, this may mean taking a strong side with the "group" and discriminating against an "outside group" regardless of the context.
If you've ever been involved in a hot online discussion, you'll understand. You feel active and energetic during and after the conflict: defend your side, conquer your enemy, and verify the validity of your beliefs with your friends after the end of the battle, almost as if it were a game.
Of course there are many other factors that play in your personal behavior (self-awareness, deep beliefs, roots, ignorance), but boredom can be avoided.

Learn about this site from which you can download premium free download sites

Sometimes you may want to load, whether music or games or movie file, but you find a problem in the sites that are lifted file on them, which are often annoying, where asking you to wait for 10 seconds, and then enter the verification code, and when you press Download link pops 5 new windows are all a ads, as you also select the download speed, so for your payment to buy a paid membership site to get rid of these problems and download freely without restriction in the download speed, but in this post I'm going with you a great way he used personally to download files from the download sites without a direct link in the limited population Ah like you are registered with a paid membership free of charge.
We will adopt in this way on a special site called prem.link where this site giving you a direct link to any file quickly upload unlimited as if you bought a paid membership to those sites, which supports the site more than 50 different predominantly sites site known like 4shared and uploaded and uptobox and many sites other, and simple way use very in terms of what you need to do is the only access to the site and register it through the link at the bottom of the post, and do not forget to activate the email you registered with, then return to the main page of the site, and enter a file that link you want to upload and then press the Generate Link Sleeve button It is shown in the picture.
You will see the name and size of your file. Click on it to start uploading.
Before that, the site will go to a short link and the method of the site to earn profits, after skipping the site will show you the download button in blue Click to download it in order to start loading and you will notice that the file loads quickly full Internet.
As a last note, the site allows unlimited uploads of up to 10 GB as you consume it completely Create a new account will get 10 GB again, and the site supports some of the paid porn sites I am not the author of this post, nor the blog of Houhou Informatics We are responsible for using the site in the download videos Of these sites.

Farewell Yahoo: Verizon is officially suing Yahoo for $ 4.48 billion

Verizon yesterday announced that it had completed the $ 4.48 billion acquisition of Yahoo. In the same context, Marissa Mayer, the company's chief executive, has announced its intention to resign and complete the transaction. The company achieved under her presidency, adding that she is nostalgic for the past years that led to the presidency of the company, which has made very large gains.
Verizon announced its intention to acquire Yahoo in July last year, and said it would merge Yahoo's Internet services, so Yahoo! called for its independence after one of the companies that With a financial value of more than $ 90 billion.
It is noteworthy that this deal is one of the deals for the oldest Internet companies operating, and this result was expected for a long time before the announcement last year, which came after Yahoo was experiencing a decline in its ability to compete with newcomers in the Internet market such as Google and Facebook .

Now with Sony, you can watch your favorite movies with your family with censorship and no screenshots or obscene words!

Sony announced last week that it is releasing modified versions of movies and deleting all inappropriate content for family viewing, free of charge for consumers who buy original copies. The first wave includes 24 films including Ghostbusters and Spiderman films.

Sony's controlled versions can be purchased through iTunes, Fandango, and VUDU. For example, 23 cases of violence, 152 use of foul language, 91 repetitions of sexual content were removed from Step Brothers. In 93 minutes, there are only five minutes shorter than the original movie playback time.
"This is a pilot program developed in response to specific consumer feedback, which allows viewers the option of viewing an airline or television version of certain movies when they buy the original," said Man Git Singh, president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. "We have discussed this program, as well as the use of these pre-existing versions, with each director or his representative."
One of the creators says he had no idea. According to a report by the Hollywood Reporter, Adam McKay, who has a camera on Sony's list, was not aware that they would be included. The report said he would not have agreed if he knew.
Not only was McKay upset about this; the move was criticized by the famous director and actor Seth Rogen, who was quick to respond after the Sony announcement, and hopes that Sony will delete this program. There is none of Rogen's movies on the list, and he hopes it will not happen to his movies anyway.
The releases of the clean-up movies caused Hollywood unrest. The directors attacked Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and accused it of trying to make money from the controlled copies you normally see on board an airplane or on television.
On this day, in response to the uproar, Sony offered to stop the circulation of controlled issuances if directors refused.

The best program to accelerate the speed of computer and delete empty folders and duplicate files and remove outstanding programs

Many of the programs that we install on the computer but after a period of use we do not need them but we have difficulties in removing them and leaving after removing some empty folders and solve this problem There are many programs that do this for the task in terms of removing the outstanding programs and empty folders, Delete other duplicate files to remove the bad shortcuts, and there are programs to speed up the computer take off and clean the registry, but what do you think if you provided one program can do all these things and follow me to learn the details.

This program is called Advanced Uninstaller Pro, which is free software and features more than one program in one program, because it contains dozens of useful tools for each user of the computer. I will leave you a link to download the program from its official site below this post, as it comes only 10 MB size is very small size compared to the services provided. After installation you have to open the program to find you a smooth interface and simple in form and easy to use.
The program contains more than one section and each section contains a group of sub-sections where we have General section General tools in which you will find tools to remove programs and tools to control the programs that are running when the computer, and the tools to clean the start menu. Also there is a file and registry tools section where you will find tools to delete duplicate files and a tool to permanently delete files and clean the registry and make a backup of the registry.

In the third section you will find the tools Internet browsers Internet Browsers tools where you will find the scripts installed on your computer, and you can control everything related to browsers and browsing and temporary files for browsers. The last section is the Daily Health Check section. This section can be used only for 30 days as it is a free section where you will find a set of tools for cleaning your computer daily and checking it and assigning restore points to the system and many other tools.

الاثنين، 12 يونيو، 2017

List of countries with the fastest 4G throughput in the world

OpenSignal released the results of a study on the 4G network in the world, for the first three months of 2017 a study has been conducted on 75 countries providing LTE networks worldwide.
Singapore ranked first (45.62 Mbps), South Korea (43.4 Mbps) and Hungary (42.61 Mbps).

As for the Arab States, the UAE ranked first in the Arab world, 18 in the world (27.96 Mbps), Lebanon (24.69 Mbps), Oman (24.12 Mbps), Tunisia ranked fourth (20.61 Mbps) Morocco (17.46 Mbps) followed by Qatar (17.18 Mbps).
Here is a map showing the speed of "4G" in most of the world

الأحد، 11 يونيو، 2017

The European Union launches a campaign to provide free Wi-Fi for all

At a time when some Arab countries are still suffering from problems using the Internet in a paid way, the European Union is preparing to launch a new initiative called WiFi4EU, an initiative aimed at providing free Internet or Wi-Fi networks for everyone in different European countries at the level of Public places such as parks, streets, etc., as well as small villages in various European regions.

The European Commission has begun to study the WiFi4EU initiative for more than a year to launch the campaign to start its implementation and allocate a budget of about 135 dollars to carry out, and is expected that by 2020, the whole of Europe will be equipped with free Wi-Fi networks can be contacted by everyone And Internet use.
The WiFi4EU campaign focuses on the creation of free Wi-Fi points in more than 8,000 different locations in Europe. According to the European Union, the most important thing in this process is to ensure high-speed Internet access to use in various online activities. Free Wi-Fi networks, generally available to all, are easy prey for hackers, but the EU hopes to find a way to secure networks and provide high protection for users.

Quickly search your computer if you are infected with the dangerous and dangerous Fireball software coming from China

Chinese experts specializing in information security launched an electronic attack on more than 250 million computers around the world with malicious software called Fireball.
Fireball is an add-on that is secretly installed on your browser after downloading and installing some free software such as FVP Imageviewer, Deal Wifi, and SoSo Desktop. Once Fireball is installed on your computer, it starts automatically. Whenever you search your browser, you are redirected to a malicious search engine called Trotux, which will steal your browser information. Not only that, but Fireball can add some code on the computer that an attacker can exploit to download and install any application, malware or spyware.

It was revealed that this attack was being run by a Chinese digital marketing agency called Rafotech, based in Beijing. The worst affected countries are India with 25.3 million infected devices, Brazil with 24.1 million, Mexico with 16.1 million, Indonesia with 13.1 million and the United States with 5.5 million infected devices.
If you encounter this malicious program, just update your security program, search the list of programs installed on your computer, and if you encounter any suspicious program, delete it immediately. You should also search the list of extensions in your browser and remove any add-ons that you do not know and did not install yourself.

Choose your job on this site and find out if you will be compensated with robots or not! Your jobs are at risk!

As a result of the great evolution of the world in terms of artificial intelligence, millions of workers around the world have been threatened with the loss of their jobs because of intelligent robots, which can work tirelessly and unceasingly to reverse the human, in addition to save time and money and increase production The concern of the owners of companies and businesses is the whole, where today many companies are fully dependent on intelligent robots and equipped with artificial intelligence, that they can develop themselves and learn new things independently and without interference from people.
Be sure that in the next few years you will find robots that will welcome you in hotels and sell you products at major shopping malls.
And do not forget that there are millions of people around the world threatened to lose their jobs, so I advise you to try this site to know whether the job you are working at is vulnerable to the invasion of robots or not!
Url: nrp

Warning: A new ransom virus WannaLocker attacks this time Android phones and encrypts and requests ransom! Do not carry these applications

The world has suffered a great deal with the virus ransom wannacry, which created a very noisy and was plagiarizing Windows operating systems, but on what seems to be the world now again, but a second virus, but directed to the phones of Andrade, where a new virus was discovered under the name of wannalocker is a malicious software Ransomwary inspired Of the wannacry virus.
There is no more information available on this new virus, but it is reported that it is encrypting data and information, but in external memory, and the pirates are asking for ransom 40 yuan in Chinese currency equivalent to about 6 US dollars to recover files or remove the virus, The new virus is being developed by Chinese hackers, and this is illustrated by the ransom message it leaves in Chinese and in the currency of the country.
To avoid this new virus, it is now advisable to consider the permissions required by some applications, and to avoid installing current Chinese applications or games on or off the Google Play Store.

British newspaper accuses Samsung of spying on its users without their knowledge

Beacons served to gather information, and most users agree to it simply because few of them read the full terms of use.

In a separate statement, Samsung says it does not use ultrasonic beacons technology, which is considered much worse and stronger in its use for spy on devices.

The newspaper report may have some amplification of things, as this technology may be only a measuring tool such as the tool integrated into Windows 10.

Samsung is not the only company that uses beacons to collect user data, as Apple also has similar technology integrated into its websites, online services, emails and ads, but says the data is not shared with third-party companies.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may be the first smartphone with the Snapdragon 836

Samsung is expected to announce its new flagship smartphone later this year, where we have seen a lot of leaks and reports on the Galaxy Note 8 recently, and reveals the latest leaks this weekend that the phone may be working with the latest Snapdragon 836 processor.

Details about the new processor have been running for some time, but Qualcomm so far has not given confirmation that it is already working on it.
 However, a new report shows that the next Samsung flagship can operate with the Snappragone 836 processor, which is stronger than its predecessor 835.

It will make sense that Samsung will have a new Qualcomm processor within the next smartphone, given that the Korean company received the Snappardragon 835 processor earlier this year before many other phones exclusively.

According to the report, the phone will be the first device to work with the next Qualcomm processor, followed by the LG V30 and Google Pixels.

Apart from the developer's processor, the Galaxy Note 8 will also come with a dual camera on the back, along with a 3200mAh battery and a 6.3-inch Infinity screen with an 18: 9 aspect ratio.

Some recent leaks suggested that the phone could be announced on September 8 this year, and the announcement is expected before Apple announces its flagship iPhone 8 phone.

35 years jail for a Thai man because Facebook!

It seems that the mere fact of Facebook posts may lead to the owner of what is not praised in some countries in recent times, exactly what happened in Thailand, where a person sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for publishing content on Facebook was considered offensive to the royal family in Thailand.

The 33-year-old was sentenced to death for publishing videos and photographs that the court deemed offensive to the royal family on a forged Facebook account of a former friend he was trying to defame. The punishment was the harshest penalty already handed down by Thailand In the right of defendants to abuse the royal family on the Internet.

Journalists were barred from attending a military court hearing. Initially, the court sentenced seven defendants to seven counts of each offense. The defendants were charged with dozens of charges, but later reduced the sentence from 70 to 35 years.

The United Nations has described these Thai laws "in violation of international human rights law".

Video: Blackberry KEYone fails in some hardness tests

After the Blackberry KEYONE was available for purchase, JerryRigEverything took the phone to several bladder tests, some of which succeeded in the phone, while causing a significant loss in others.

The screen has been tested for scratching. The screen has survived the scratches. In the screen exposure test, it has survived for 16 seconds before it turns black, but once the flame is removed, the screen returns to normal color.

It was a big disappointment in the bending test as the phone was not held up at all because of the appearance of the screen on the phone, as it appears to be poorly installed.

Microsoft Cortana is now able to help you with e-shopping at the lowest cost

Microsoft's personal assistant, Cortana, can help you while shopping with photo search and reminders of available offers.

Now, however, Microsoft has developed a personal assistant so that it is able to help you get the goods at the lowest price possible, which will save you additional dollars and avoid the fraud.

In the latest update to Windows 10 Creators, Microsoft has deployed a trial feature in Microsoft Edge where Cortana can help you find the best price for the product you want to buy by comparing the same product prices across different stores.

This feature supports 14 stores, such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Ebay and other stores in the United States.

OnePlus publishes a picture of the OnePlus 5 phone to confirm that it is not an imitation of the iPhone 7 Plus

Just days after announcing the launch date of the OnePlus 5 phone set on June 20, One Plus has also revealed a detailed picture of the upcoming flagship One Plus 5 in a move from the company to reassure its users that the phone will come with a design that is the product of the evolution of previous designs from Color Plus Series is not just an imitation of the iPhone 7 Plus.

It is unusual for a device to be detected before launch, but it is likely that the company in this step responds to the criticisms it has received after leaking a promotional image that some believe is copied and pasted to Apple's design.
In what is likely to be a response to this criticism, Wen Plus has released the new image, which highlights a brighter, more smooth edge, as it does not look much like the edges of the iPhone, and the twinkle that accompanies the image also underscores the originality of " Wen Plus ":" constant constant edge, repeated over three years. "

OnePlace, founded by Carl B, also participated in its forums to share details about the built-in One Plus 5 microphone designed to capture clearer sound in noisy environments.

In addition to a dual camera and a new microphone, the device is thought to work with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

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Make sure the security software on your computer is strong and does it well by trying to download this file from kaspersky

Kaspersky offers this test for protection programs to know the level of protection or what is called the Real Time Scanner, which happens when the protection program with the operating system and check it all the time, and when there is any error to delete it before infecting your computer with viruses.
This test is a small applet called EICAR, which is only available on random codes that trigger protection programs to see if they are able to protect the user in real time or not!
To start the test you have to go to the link:
Then lower down to the bottom of the page and press as the picture

If a powerful anti-virus will block the file before downloading it to your computer such as the image:

Although the average protection will be eliminated in the decompression process.
CAUTION: Applet is not a virus and does not cause any damage to your device so there is no fear that your protection program can not detect it.